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Featuring AccuComfort Variable Speed

American Standard Platinum ZV and Platinum XV Variable Speed Systems are now available and in- stock. Please click the "Read More" link for more information and a link to a short product video.

A Heating and Cooling System with Remarkable Self-Control.

We've taken home comfort to new levels with the American Standard AccuComfort system. You can expect to do nothing other than just set it. It takes over from there as it automatically adjusts itself to run at a more efficient speed to maintain ideal comfort levels and control humidity in the home, no matter what the weather is like outside.
Key Features & Benefits:

Our AccuComfortTM variable-speed air conditioners work smarter to maximize home comfort at a lower operating cost.
A wider operating range allows our AccuComfortTM system to remain operating when the competition’s products are cycling on and off.
Consistent with 1⁄2 degree in 1/10th of 1% increments, so you get the comfort you set and the AccuComfortTM technology does the rest.

Variable speed air conditioners are the quietest at 4dB below the nearest competitor minimum.
The lower compressor modulation and fan speeds yield amazingly low sound levels and max out the benefits of AccuCleanTM technology giving you the advantage of offering the cleanest system available.
Enhanced Humidity Control gives you seamless comfort and helps with energy costs.
Built with quality materials, innovative features, durable construction to ensure dependable comfort for years to come.

Meets and Exceeds many local Utility and Government efficiency incentive program requirements. 

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We have central air conditioner systems also referred to as AC units, A/C, air conditioning units, home cooling systems from some of the top manufacturers such as American Standard and Rheem.  matters.

We can customize your cooling needs for you.  Even Flo Heating And Air Conditioning performs a load calculation on your home to ensure proper sizing.  Underestimate your cooling needs, and you could be sweating.  We make sure that all duct sections are properly sized and that there are enough supply registers to deliver sufficient air to the right spots.  Not only is the proper size ductwork essential for meeting each room's cooling needs but also because undersized ductwork can make for noisy operation.  If your home doesn't have ducts, adding them can be expensive, though if you plan to cool your entire home, central air is typically the best choice. If you are not planning to cool the entire home, you might want to consider a split-ductless system. Unlike central systems, split-ductless systems need no ductwork (though they require connections for electrical, refrigerant and condensate drains), making them easier to add to homes with designs that aren't conducive to installing ductwork.